Rotary club’s life-saving gift to The Mill

Leyland Rotary Club has handed over a potentially life-saving gift to The Mill by covering the cost of a defibrillator for the cafe and community hub.

The Rotary Club district branch for Cumbria and Lancashire has a commitment to funding the equipment for communities across the region, and the gift from the Leyland club was an extension of this good work.

St Catherine’s Hospice Clinical Educator Sue Clemson demonstrated to members how to use the heart-starting device during a recent training session. She has also trained all clinical staff at the hospice plus staff from The Mill, and continues to work through other departments.

Sue said: “This is an essential piece of life-saving equipment and is a wonderful thing to receive from Leyland Rotary Club.

“Other life-support methods like mouth to mouth and compression should continue, but when the heart has gone into chaos, the beat has reduced to a quiver and the blood is not pumping properly, this is the only thing that can bring a person back. It shows just how important these devices are.”

David Bennett, presidentĀ of Leyland Rotary Club, said: “The Mill is fast becoming a very popular community location and we felt it was important to fund a defibrillator to serve this vibrant cafe and hub.

“As a club we are long-standing supporters of St Catherine’s Hospice and this latest gift is a further extension of this.”

Tony Harrison, Leyland club member and St Catherine’s Hospice trustee, added: “The Mill is part of St Catherine’s work reaching out to the community and opening up the area further to local people. This defibrillator is another way The Mill is serving and benefitting the local community.”

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